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OPEN Office is an architecture and design studio with a focus on the built-environment. Our approach to each project is grounded in a collaborative design process focusing on the relationships of people and places, and discovering the practical and extraordinary in every project. We balance expertise and innovation to develop impactful solutions tailored to the needs of each project and client.


We explore design solutions that consider the performative and productive nature of the built environment and how it connects the way we live to the places we inhabit. We design for people and experiences, investing in architecture's ability to ground us and empower communities. Our design process is grounded in an ecological understanding of project contexts, considering that all systems we work within are linked. Our approach to project development incorporates a comprehensive optimization of project resources to create impactful and resilient design solutions. Sustainability, responsible sourcing, and adaptive uses, are an integral and evolving part of our approach to developing projects that address the needs of now and anticipate the future.


We are interested in developing architecture as an instrument of empowerment and community building. We see architecture as an interface that connects places and people. We recognize the built environments we produce are the foundations and spatial fabric of the communities we live in and our approach to design is ingrained with a focus on social and environmental sustainability.


The culture of the Studio is grounded in the idea that continued growth and learning informs our design process and allows us to channel our collective expertise and diverse experiences into our work. We are an Open Office and collective of thoughtful architects and designers with a broad spectrum of interests and experiences that expand our thinking and inform project development. Our common focus of each project is to holistically consider design solutions that distill the aspirations, values,  and resources of our clients and collaborators.


The studio provides a multitude of unique expertise across a diverse range of project types and scales including Feasibility, Planning, and Site Assessment, through full Design and Construction Administrative services. With over twenty years of experience in award winning design, project delivery, and private development, our studio approaches each project with an extensive knowledge of architectural systems, developmental timelines, and jurisdictional requirements.

OPEN Office

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